Tactical Decision Making Procedure, Danrem 071 / Wijayakusuma Taklimat Initial Latposko I Kodim 0702 / Purbalingga


Tactical Decision Making Procedure, Danrem 071 / Wijayakusuma Taklimat Initial Latposko I Kodim 0702 / Purbalingga

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Postnewstime l Purbalingga,- In order to train the tactical decision-making procedure (PPKT) to carry out Preparedness in dealing with natural disasters, Korem 071 / Wijayakusuma held a Command Post-I (Latposko-I) Kodim 0702 / Purbalingga, Wednesday (29/4/2020) in Makodim 0702  / Purbalingga.

 Latposko - I Kodim 0702 / Purbalingga preceded the initial briefing of Danrem 071 Wijayakusuma Colonel Kav Dani Wardhana, S. Sos., MM, M.Han.  As a result of Mount Slamet Eruption Natural Disasters, Evacuation and Providing Humanitarian Assistance in the District.  Pubalingga In the Context of Military Operations Other Than War. "

 Danrem said, as a tactical exercise without troops, the Command Post was aimed at training elements of the Commander and Staff in carrying out applicable techniques, procedures and work procedures to plan, prepare and carry out and control an operation in the unit, both in the context of Military Operations for War  (OMP) and Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP).

 "The current Post-I training activities have a strategic value to improve the ability of the Commander and Staff of 0702 / Purbalingga Kodim in the Tactical Decision Making Process to deal with territorial tasks, especially in providing assistance to the Regional Government for the prevention of natural disasters that occur in the region"  , he explained.

 The training material on eradicating the danger of Mount Slamet eruption in Kodim 0702 / Purbalingga is very important because Purbalingga is one of the five regions that have the potential to be affected by the eruption of Mount Slamet.  On the other hand, the Post Exercise I was used to test the Protap owned by the unit and coordinate the rules of engagement for all stake holders in the area in the event of an actual disaster, he said.

 "The application in the phasing of the management of natural disaster management, starting from the preparedness, early warning and disaster mitigation processes must be in accordance with the mandate of the constitution and become our common responsibility," said Danrem 071 / WK.

 He said, the Command Post I exercise which included matters of collaboration, coordination and collaboration were both integrated in a tactical decision-making process and the integration of all unit capabilities.  It also involves procedures and working procedures that apply in a Command Post and Operational Control Command to assist the task of local governments in dealing with problems, especially natural disaster management in the region.

 Posko training activities, adjusted to current conditions related to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Therefore, training is carried out in accordance with the standard health protocol applied by WHO, with the obligation to wear masks, keep personal distance and self-sterilization with hand sanitizers provided in every corner of the area of ​​the activity area, beginning with a health check of both the organizers and the perpetrators.  spraying disinfectant liquid in the activity area ", he said.

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